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'Take control of the right side of your brain'

Revising for your exams can be tedious, un-interesting and difficult! Consider Your Brain! It is divided into two halves:


Left side: used for thinking about numbers, words and lists.

Right side: for using your imagination. Your creative side.


So when you are revising in the normal way, you are only using half of your brain!


Make the right side of your brain work for you... Create a Concept Map.

Use plain paper. (Lined paper interrupts your ideas).

Always create your concept map 'Landscape'.

Start your concept map at the centre of your page, this gives your brain the freedom to spread out in all directions and is a more natural way of expressing yourself.

If you are creating your concept map by hand always use brightly coloured pencils or felt-tip pens. Use your favourite colours.


You can use computer software to create concept maps, you can use colours with some software and there are also many functions. You could use clip art for your images.


Your main idea and image goes in the centre of your page.

You can then draw branches of the central idea/image.

You can then create sub-ideas and images.


For most subjects when studying, you will have a lot of planning to do and in each subject you need to ask yourself similar questions:

Take a look at this concept map Studying? Ask yourself these questions. You could create this (or keep this one) as a checklist for each subject.

Concept or Mind Maps as they are also called, can help with your long term memory and you really can concept map anything. Some concept maps will of course be more detailed than others, but you can do it.

The art of remembering the information within your concept map is to read your maps regularly:


Read your concept map an hour after reading/learning something.

Read your concept map a day later, then a week later.

Keep reading your maps weekly in sets for each subject you are studying and you will start to realise that you are remembering more and more.


Put the right side of your brain to work.... Use Concept Maps... the right side of your brain likes colours and images and your memory prefers images to rows and rows of black text.

Concept maps are very useful for planning. You could create one for your revision timetable.

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