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An infographic (information graphic) - Data visualisations that present complex information quickly and clearly.

You can create your infographics using image editing software or MS PowerPoint and image editing software. It is up to you. You could even create your infographic in a word processing package and then save as an image in your favourite image editing software.

For help with revision, you could even draw an infographic, which relates to your key points with images a bit like a concept map.


Other uses for Infographics:

Flowcharts, Facts, Timelines, Data, Comparisons, Images, Conveying Statistics & Revision - Remembering Information.


The Elements of an Infographic:

First consider:


Colours, graphics and icons to be used in the design.


Text, statistics, time frames and references.


What facts and deductions do you wish to show to convey your overall message?



One Level Deep - a simple infographic which imparts knowledge based on visuals and content. May include one or two sub-parts.

Two Level Deep - A more advanced infographic, which compacts a lot of data visually.


Your Idea ~ Your Design

Consider the purpose and audience of your infographic.

Decide how you will show your information.

Group relevant data together.

Decide how to visualise the flow of information using flowcharts.

Flowcharts can simplify complex information.


Your Colour Scheme

Decide what colour's to use, throughout your design and the purpose of your infographic and the information you wish to portray, this can help you to decide which colours to use.




Theme Graphics - Consider an overall theme.

Reference Graphics - Use icons instead of text where possible to avoid clutter.


Research & Data

Use authoritative sources for your information and data.




Facts & Statistics - provide facts and illlustrate statistics as simply as you can.

Design, Graphics and Research - make use of design, graphics and research to create a great infographic.

Audience - Show your purpose clearly and simply so that your intended audience can understand it.


Infographic Page One - Elements of an Infographic









Infographic Page Two - Levels of an Infographic








Infographic Page Three - Your Idea Your Design









Infographic Page Four - Your Colour Scheme







Infographic Page Five - Graphics






Infographic Page Six - Research & Data






Infographic Page 7 - Knowledge






























































So the above information as a whole Infographic



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