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Identify separate factors so that you can say how they are related and how each one relates to the topic.

Identify key factors to show how they are linked and explain the importance of each.


Consider carefully all the factors or events that apply and identify which are the most important and relevant.


Make – bring something into existence. Invent or construct an item – produce.

Classify Assign things – sort your information into appropriate categories before explaining or presenting it.
Compare/Contrast Examine two or more things in terms of their similarities and differences.
Comprehensively Explain

Provide detailed explanations, covering all relevant points + provide reasons.

Comment Critically

Provide your view(s) after you have considered all evidence, paying particular attention to the importance of both the relative positive and negative aspects.


Provide a clear straightforward description, including all the main points then link these together in a logical order.


Explain clearly what a particular term means, provide example(s), if appropriate to show your explanation.


Provide relevant examples/appropriate evidence to support the case you are making.

Discuss Present thoughtful and logical arguments to support the case you are making.

Provide a detailed account of something, with enough clarity and detail so that it can be understood by somebody else + provide reasons.

Re: presenting an argument – provide details + give reasons and/or evidence to clearly support the argument you are making.


Review all information and bring it together to form a conclusion.

For critical evaluation: judge, criticise in terms of impact/significance and investigate the implications.

Establish the identity, recognise and distinguish the main features or basic facts relating to a topic.


Establish or explain the meaning or significance of something + understanding and explaining an effect or result.


Provide examples to show what you mean, by explanation or illustration (pictures).


Put something into effect or action. Interpret or justify the effect or result.


Provide appropriate reasons to support your opinion or views and show how you arrived at these conclusions.


Ordered series – provide the information required in a list, one after the other.


Provide a clear description indicating the principle features or different parts, avoiding too much detail.


Work out + explain how you will carry out a task/activity.

Relate/Report Show similarities and connections between two or more things. Provide a full account with reasons.

Carry out a full investigation into a subject.

Specify Provide full details and descriptions of something – selected items or activities.

Identify relevant information.


Write a clear, full account.


Identify/review the main points, relevant factors and/or arguments so that these are explained in a clear and concise manner.


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